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Everything was done to my complete satisfaction. The 2 leaks in the roof were the most time-consuming and labor-intensive and they did a great job of repairing them. There were no snags in any of the projects. I've used Gary and his nephew Sam several times before, and they will ALWAYS be my go-to guys for anything around the house. They are unfailingly polite and respectful while at the same time being friendly and personable. Gary always fully explains what he will do and the cost will be quoted before they arrive. There are no negatives, ever.

Susan K.

Gary and his helper Sam are very professional and punctual. We have had continuous problems with a roof leak, and he took the time to troubleshoot to figure out the origin of the problem. They always have a good attitude and a smile on their faces, even when working on a metal roof in 100 degree Houston heat! If you are trying to set up service with him, please visit his website and fill out a request online instead of calling him first. He will get back with you and come out and give you a bid. Also, there are other handymen listed on Angie's List with similar company names, be sure you go with Gary Firth. He's the one you want!


Gary and his nephew (war eagle!) achieved an amazing amount of work in just two days. The repairs were all done top notch. Also, an important part of the work was to reconfigure my garage so that I could take a mountain of mess and eventually tidy all away in an organized fashion. I was thrilled when I got home after their first day of work. I had given Gary the freedom to configure the shelving and the lumber tie backs in a manner he thought would work best. The organizational configuration far exceeded anything I could think of. And beyond that, he had actually stored half of the garage items in the place where he thought they'd best fit. (putting things away were not in the job scope!!) Gary went well beyond what I expected of him. Both he and his nephew were sweethearts and they are now the only folks I will call when I need work of this nature performed.

Tina B.

They are all about customer satisfaction. They worked with me, and had everything done professionally. He didn't leave anything alone until it was done correctly. They have a very reasonable way of quoting bids and I couldn't be happier with their service. I have in the past month, called them back three more times to do various full days of work. I almost find myself searching around the house for things they can fix/upgrade! Thanks Gary/Sam!

Nick D.

Gary came to visit and gave me labor estimate for various carpentry work I needed done. He said he does that in case I didn't want to do a certain job he could eliminate that piece of the estimate. He explained to me that the estimate was just for the labor, and that he will get the material and show me the receipts so I could reimburse him for the material. He does not charge any upcharge on the materials just the cost of what he gets it for at Home Depot or Lowes (or any place he needs to get what he needs. He scheduled a day for him to come out which was about 2 weeks out. He is very good so he stays extremely busy. Him and his nephew came out to do the work. They were very respectable and wore ipods to listen to music rather than blasting a radio. They did the job quickly and cleaned up by picking up all material and hauling it to my garbage in the front of my house.

Joanne W.

Great! Everything was done on time and done very well. There were some other things we had questions about and he would say he's not an expert in those areas and refer us to another company. We really appreciated that he didn't feign expertise in an area that was not his.

Vaughn C.

Gary met and did a complete estimate with what I felt were very prices. He returned a few days later and finished all work completely in less than 1/2 a day. I was very happy with the quality of the work done. No complaints at all -- he and his partner were very easy to work with. Would highly recommend and will definitely use them again.

Julia G.

This is the second job I have used them for. Both times, the price was fair and the quality of the work first rate. Best part is that parts are not marked up. After assessing the job, only the parts needed are purchased and the invoice presented before being added to the bill. I would recommend them for future work.

Lynn B.

Went great! Quoted the work, did it, fiinished on time.

Jane B.

It went very well. He is always trying to think ahead and do the best work. For example, we got two of the same fans for our two small bedrooms. He made sure to reset the frequency of one fan so they would not interfere when using the remotes. Pleasant, thoughtful, careful, hard working. I would highly recommend him to anyone!

Randy B.

Requested estimate using form on provider's website. Received prompt reply proposing date/time for estimate visit that was a day or two after I submitted my form. Gary showed up as scheduled for the estimate. I showed him the work I wanted done and he prepared a labor estimate. He said I could purchase the parts myself or he would purchase them from a local big box store, provide the receipt the day of the job, and add the parts to my bill at cost. He suggested I purchase the ceiling fans myself so I could pick the style. I appreciated that he told me what size fan would work in each room and that I needed to purchase a longer down rod for one room. After I agreed to the estimate we scheduled the work. Gary showed up as promised and completed all work in a single day. Work quality was high for all of the jobs and the various work locations were clean. My only disappointment was the time between the estimate visit and the work. I had wanted to get the work done within a week or two but the next opening Gary had was ~1 month from the estimate visit. Even with the long wait I will definitely use him again. If I had a job that was truly urgent I would give him first shot and then go elsewhere if he could not meet my schedule.

Susan L.

Dave was really friendly. He and several other guys he was training arrived on time and did the job very rapidly. Would definitely use him again.

Karen B.

Fantastic. Gary and his nephew do a great job.

Chris E.

Gary was very professional, he worked hard, and the results are excellent. He is very organized and detailed so it was easy for my husband and I to go through the huge list of tasks and evaluate what we wanted done. He was up-front about what needed more work and what he was capable of doing - some things he saw (roof repair, window damage) he let me know needed repair soon even though he was not able to do the repair himself. I would highly recommend Gary to anyone with a list of house repairs / upgrades and we will definitely use him in the future.

Teufelin T.

The Houston Handyman was terrific. They arrived ontime. Did the prep work, then went to hardware store for materials needed. Took their time with job. Repaired corners that animals has gotten to on several gables with flashing and paint that matched perfectly. Repaired a window that had original cardboard framing. Also original trim pieces made of fiberboard were replaced with cedar and painted. The exterior looks 100% better with these well done repairs.

Kit C.

Gary is always punctual, polite and very professional. This is our third time to use his service. His prices are always very reasonable and the work is completed to our satisfaction. He is very focused on getting everything done correctly.

Angela S.

He did a great job, I did research on methods and he did not cut corners. very pleased.

Patricia D.

Men called in advance to confirm arrival time that morning. Moved very heavy pieces and wrapped all furniture we moved out in the UHaul nicely so that it wouldn't move or get scratched on our hour drive. Very satisfied and would recommend.

Viswanathan A.

Houston Handyman is a very reliable company that is reliable and provides on site "handyman repairs" for just about anything you want them to do around your house both inside and outside.

Levon V.

Very Professional and honest about price. He was in and out within and hr.

Nancy D.

Gary is awesome. I've used him for years.


It went well. He got here at 10:00 am and finished about 3:30 pm after finishing all the projects. The doorbell was added since I only had wireless ones that never worked. I was very pleased with his work and will definitely use him again in the future. He cleaned up after himself and left everything very tidy.

Sharon L.

The work was very good. I would recommend him to to anyone.

Clifford B.

Very pleased with quality of the work. They were punctual and did the work as quoted. Will definitely call Gary again next time we need anything.

Charles C.

Gary was professional from start to finish, he kept me informed let me know all the issues and options during the installation. He stayed all day and finished the job completely before leaving. He even fixed a broken security sensor we had with a spare he had on hand! He's a total pro, don't hesitate to use him for your project.

Justin S.

The work that was done was perfect both in terms of appearance and price. The initial bid was reviewed carefully and the estimated time was spot on. Not only did we get what we asked to have done but we also got suggestions on how to do it better which were most appreciated and accepted. Quick, quiet and trustworthy. I wish we had more to do!

Leland S.

Gary did a great job for us. I plan to use his help on future projects.

Ward M.

Great as usual. I always go to Houston Handyman, Gary. Job is done right.

Chris E.

Very well. Took a bnit to get some of the scheduling down, but once confirmed, the installer was on time, prompt, courteous and worked around another contractor on site at the same time.

Dave C.

They could have told us that the gutters needed work, and charged an arm and a leg for it, and I would never have been the wiser. Instead Gary came out and not only did the job, but showed me how I could do it myself next time. Gary clearly loves his work and loves working with people. He's fun to be around and a complete pro.

Philip L.

Very well and very good quality work. I will hire him again.

Sandra G.

Great as always! Gary is the guy to call. I have used him in the past and will continue to in the future.

Bill E.

Fantastic! Beautifully done, quick, on time, and cleaned up afterward. He was very pleasant, very polite, and clearly took great pride in doing the job right. Highest recommendation, and I'll definitely be contacting him again for any future work.

Laurie M.

I've used him every summer for the last 7 years. He's extremely honest and if he can't fix something he will let you know upfront. Everything he's done he is spot on and he goes over all the information with you on everything he's done. If there is a problem with the work he's done, he comes back and promptly fixed it. He is just great overall.

Scott S.

Gary was awesome! He fixed everything, even tricky things that required a few different tries to find the right solution. This is especially great for jobs that require different specialties - no paying multiple service fees and then having a half finished job, i.e. a fixed leak but drywall that still has to be repaired - he does it all! He was able to get all the parts, caulk, etc. so we didn't have to find them which saved us a huge hassle because he knew just what was needed and in just what amount. Gary even gave me advice on how to fix small things so I wouldn't have to call him or someone else which was super helpful! His estimate was very thorough so we knew exactly what different things would cost and could kind of pick and choose what we wanted to have him fix. His work was to the highest standard and everything looks fantastic. He works hard and is so courteous and professional! Gary is the best and I would highly recommend him!!


Not only was Gary on time for the estimate, but he was thorough and gave honest estimates. I really liked how he went over receipts on materials bought for the project, but he took his time and made sure it was done right. I was very pleased with this service provider.

Shannon H.

Gary did an excellent, quality job. We were very pleased with his work.

Douglas D.

Excellent work. Everything turned out perfectly. I call Gary every year for things I need repaired & always a satisfactory completion. Prices are reasonable, labor costs always stated up front, materials prices always given. He has been on Angie's List for 2017. He should also be on the 2018 BEST list.

Vera B.

Very well. Gary showed up slightly ahead of schedule and proceeded with this assortment of small jobs. I was very impressed with both the speed and the quality of his work. Except for the A/C job, these were all small things I would have done myself a few years ago, but I could not have done them nearly as fast or as well. I did think the prices were a little high, but he is in high demand because of the quality of his work. Gary is about as down-to-earth and friendly as could be, and we will definitely call on him again.

Richard S.

TL/DR version: Gary Frith dba HoustonHandyman.com can skillfully and cost-effectively fix or improve almost everything in your house. As the proverbially and prodigiously skilled jack-of-all-trades, he will earn and keep your trust. And you're going to end up giving his name and contact info to your own friends, who in turn will thank you profusely! Full version: With scheduling & support from his office, Gary just finished (in January 2020) a multi-day home maintenance & repairs project for me. I'm a repeat customer, having engaged Houston Handyman for a similar project in 2011. Both times, he's resolved to my complete satisfaction an entire punch-list of nagging problems with my house — the elimination of which has made my everyday life much more convenient and pleasurable. His tasks for me, then and now, have included the installation of ceiling fans, recessed lighting, and switchboxes in several rooms; replacement of corroded faucets and toilets; a thorough roof inspection with multiple small fixes (many of which were correcting work done wrong by less meticulous and skilled workers); hanging several flatscreen TVs (with cabling concealed); cabinet repair & shelf-building; installation of doggie doors; and a bathroom tile project that still looks and functions like new nine full years later. For the relatively few kinds of tasks which he doesn't do regularly, he's nevertheless given me good, free advice, and several referrals to skilled and like-minded tradesmen. Gary is gregarious and straight-forward by nature and communicative by trade — which is to say that he will point out costs and benefits you may not have considered, he will share with you his own recommendations and ideas, and he will fully inform and involve you at every step of the way. He has a common-sense approach, and he will execute your instructions with integrity and skill. And Gary is the consummate small-businessman who depends on repeat and referral business: He stands behind his work, and you won’t get shuffled off to some clueless subordinate or subcontractor. Gary did comparison shopping online to get me the best prices on materials. He actually reads the instructions on products (like my fancy new, entirely decadent toilet seat that needed electrical and plumbing connections for its bidet functions)! Heck, Gary was even nice to my dog, who I think has concluded that Gary is now a member of our extended family. My dog’s not wrong. Gary Frith’s results will more than satisfy you: They will GRATIFY you, based on both quality of the work and the reasonableness of his charges for it. And you will wish every tradesman you're obliged to hire were as rewarding to deal with as HoustonHandyman.com.


Gary was the best. So meticulous and everything wash done to perfection. He has a great work ethic. Pricing was reasonable for the work performed. I am so very grateful for all the work he did. He also hauled off miscellaneous items that I no longer needed. Will definitely hire again.

Robin K.

Had an incorrectly installed door (and dog door) that needed to be replaced. Gary came out promptly and provided an estimate. On the day of the replacement, Gary was prompt, and kept me in the loop every step of the way, and addressed all of my concerns. I also had a small ad-hoc request that wasn't door related that was completed for a reasonable price. The work performed was outstanding and I'm very pleased. Wouldn't hesitate to use him again.

Wes F.

Gary was excellent. He is professional and full of helpful ideas and suggestions, including cost saving ones! Our attic flooring looks amazing. He also replaced ceiling fans and outlets, installed a fountain and replaced a lot of rotted window trim. I highly recommend Gary!

Jennifer B.

Gary is the best! He has done many jobs for us over the past 10 years, he is reliable, honest, and capable of doing different projects. Highly recommend Houston Handyman!

Diane T.

Gary Frith (Houston Handyman) did an awesome job! We had rotting trim around an outside door, 4 posts supporting a patio roof, and surrounding chimney. Gary replaced or repaired all the rotting trim pieces (using Hardie-plank for replacements). Gary worked quickly and efficiently. When job was complete, trim was better than new (won’t rot again because of HardiePlank). Caulking and painting is top-notch! Highly recommend Houston Handyman for handyman services.

Mark F.