Texas's Coolest Outhouse

Discover Texas's Coolest Outhouse by Houston Handyman. Hardi board and RGB lighting elevate this outhouse into a smart property investment.
August 5, 2023
Custom Carpentry

The opportunity

Redefining the Outhouse:

Forget everything you know about outhouses. Our client envisioned something that transcends the ordinary—a lavatory that's not just functional but downright cool. Enter Texas's Coolest Outhouse, where necessity meets extravagance.

Material Mastery:

This isn't your grandpa's outhouse. We're talking hardi board construction, 2X4 wood framing, and a shingle roof. Add to that a palette of brown with black trim, and you've got an outhouse that's as sturdy as it is stylish.

Investment Genius:

This isn't just a bathroom; it's a statement. And like any good statement, it adds value. Whether it's impressing guests or increasing property worth, this outhouse is a savvy investment.

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What we did

Illuminating Design:

Lighting sets the mood, and this outhouse is no exception. RGB lighting, black lights, and soffit lighting all the way around turn a simple structure into a spectacle.

Built to Last:

Hardi board construction and 2X4 wood framing provide the backbone for this masterpiece. Add in a perfectly plumbed toilet, and you've got an outhouse that's built for the long haul.

Finishing Touches:

Insulation, building wrap, drywall, and decorations everywhere. This isn't just an outhouse; it's a fully realized vision, down to the last detail.

The outcome

A Lavatory Like No Other:

This is Texas's Coolest Outhouse, and it lives up to the name. From the RGB and black lights to the sturdy construction, this is an outhouse that sets the bar.

Quality in Every Inch:

Walk in, and you'll feel it—the hardi board walls, the perfectly plumbed toilet, the meticulous lighting. This is an outhouse built with craftsmanship and pride.

ROI Beyond Belief:

This isn't just a cool outhouse; it's a smart investment. From increasing property value to providing a unique selling point, this outhouse delivers on all fronts.

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