Home Oven Maintenance

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Keep your hood and fan/filter clean. They catch the grease and moisture from your cooking and need regular cleaning. Do not clean exposed metal with abrasive pads or powders. You can use a properly mixed ammonia and water solution to clean grease and dirt. You need to dry filter/parts before re-installing. You may have a filter that needs to be replaced and not cleaned. Check your manufacturer’s instructions for filter cleaning/changing and cleaning your fan.

Gas Range

If you have gas, clean your burners and grates regularly with hot water and detergent. Do not use scouring powders as they can clog the burners’ holes. Use a stiff wire to clean out burner holes. Do not use anything that can break off in the burner hole such as a toothpick.

Cleaning your cooking system regularly and properly can prevent dangerous grease fires, and improve it’s operating efficiency.

Your oven should be cleaned according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

If Your Unit is Not Working

If you have a problem with your range or oven not working, as with all systems or appliances, check for blown fuses, tripped circuit breakers and proper power first..